Alternatives for Bedroom without Closet

In every bedroom, the existence of storage is very important but unfortunately the bedroom is designed without any closet. You should have the smart consideration about best bedroom design therefore you will feel comfortable as always when you stay in the bedroom. The existence of your bedroom closet then becomes very crucial, since it is used as the main thing to keep your goods from clothes, books and other personal item you keep in bedroom. When your bedroom is designed without the closet, you need to think so hard about bedroom without closet options and alternatives.

Bedroom without Closet Ideas

Closet alternatives will help you changing the role of closet as the storage system in the bedroom with other helpful option. Here are some different items you need to take into account perhaps will be the best storage system.

  1. You can purchase bedside table or a nightstand with more drawers. It can be good to keep small pieces of clothes, books, and other small things including your accessories and jewelry.
  2. The bedroom vanity with cabinet is other good alternative. If you like making up and dressing up yourself in front of mirror, you need to have the smart consideration on having vanity with cabinet. And the cabinet itself is used to keep many items.
  3. Wardrobe is still the good option to keep clothes, bags, and shoes inside of closet. Purchase the best wardrobe with its appropriate material, size, color and design’
  4. How about storage under bed? Bed underneath storage will always be the good option to smartly store your important personal things with good organization.
  5. Desk with storage is the other option to keep books and stationary as the other good closet alternative.

Beside, in your bedroom you also can consider to have hang clothes without a closet if your bedroom does not have any closet. However, this option will cause a messy look sometime. For th other no closet solutions, our photo gallery will help you more.